Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mayy's Closet

That one dress I always say to myself that I need to stop wearing it to death and wear the other dresses in the closet. So for its last outing, I dressed it up with a cute necklace for uni.

I had this kimono style dress for work and probably wore it over ten times in a year because it was just so darn easy and comfortable to pair with all my shoes and accessories.

Belted it because it has become so loose on me. I don't understand why because I have been eating in and out of my house. I liked the pleats details just below the waistline to give the dress some sort of shape.  I really cannot seemed to remember where I have gotten this gem but I know it was a really inexpensive piece of clothing. Basics really never go wrong.

Simplicity at its best. But I have to acknowledge that I have worn it enough and my other dresses need their turn which unfortunately won't get when this one is around. I get too lazy!

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