Wednesday, June 29, 2011

M's Food Find #56

I have been eating so much since the cold weather set in. And not much exercise because I just want to focus on some things first. Besides, my bangs are troublesome so I have to travel back and forth alot just to shower at home and get ready.

Moving on, here's a new sushi place in the city called Iku Sushi. Apparently Iku means to go in Japanese. And the little cafe here is plastered with funky colours and backgrounds and quirky little things...Let the photos speak for themselves.

You can grab fast sushi available in the cold fridges or order hot meals where the chef will prepare in the kitchen. It is located behind Perth Underground train station, or the new mall which houses Uggys and Forever New. Next door to Nando's with a nice outdoor seating at the back.

However, it was cold dark and rainy the night I was there unfortunately.

I really liked this cute tiny pinic bench on each table which stocks all the essentials!

Cute little clock, very creative!

I ordered the Panko Onion Rings which really is just onion rings with a simple side salad and mayo. This was about AUD5.

Very environmentally friendly with the takeaway trays specially designed. Anyway, I also ordered the chicken cheeseburger sushi rolls. You read that right! It comes in a tray of 4 or 6. Thankfully I ordered 4 because they fill you up realy quick! The rolls are packed tight with sushi rice. The rolls are lightly crumbed and fried to a good standard. Something different but not the healthiest sushi around for sure. However, the chicken pieces were too little to really taste and the rice and chicken ratio just wasn't good in my opinion. I really liked the melted cheddar cheese though! Gooey goodness =) Costs you about AUD5.50 for four and AUD7.50 for six.

Li Jia ordered the bacon cheeseburger sushi rolls. Similar, just bacon instead of chicken. I had a roll of this and have a sneaking suspicion that there's beef also here. OOPS. Its not bad I would say, and you can try their new wasabi mayo with it. However, I would say just stick to the sushi on its own and its good enough.

Thinking back, it will be nice to have a small side salad with this one. Think about it Iku Sushi ;)

Anna ordered the medium sized teriyaki fish bento. Comes with side salad and spring rolls. I had a small piece and it was pretty good. Sweet sauce and the fish was soft and melty. Food comes PIPING HOT so thats a plus for us girls all cold from the wind outside.

Nurun ordered the miso soup, warms you right up but nothing fantastic. More tofu bits would be nice!

That's more chicken cheeseburgers for you with their original mayo.

Shiyu also ordered the katsu curry bento set. This one is the large size. Comes with sushi rolls and spring rolls and pasta salad. Yumyum, but I would split this. I probably can finish this if I was super hungry. Just right for the boys...

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The two girls also ordered a chicken karaage popcorn side. Which is really just karaage chicken balls. Super yummy. I liked this one. Addictive and pretty big pieces. Not small like popcorn. I like the substantial bite to it!

So would I return if I was down in the city? I definitely would but not often. I will not be craving it I guess and going out of my way to head down. But with the creative dishes and presentation, its worth a visit!

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Iku Sushi on Urbanspoon

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