Tuesday, June 14, 2011

M's Food Find #52

BURGER MONSTER IS BACK AT IT! Cravings are the worst and best things to have because (a) you know what you want to eat, (b) you know EXACTLY what is it you want, (c) you will NOT rest till you finally get it. Right.

The new burger place, Burger Edge at Waterford Plaza, Karawara sits right at the corner of their new 'precinct'. They have it in the city as well, at the food court of the new mall, NEX100 or something like that.

Didn't bring my camera out with me, so photos were taken using my Blackberry Torch

That's Alina's burger order. I know it is beef but I cannot remember which version it was.

Looks a little flat from this angle... A meal comes with chips and a drink. There are two sizes to the meal option or you can just have the burger.

That is my chicken burger, the Hula which has pineapple and bacon and chicken fillet.

I chose the soft turkish bun which really is soft at an additional cost of 50cents. There are four kinds of bread to choose from. If you are not fussy, then I am sure the normal sesame buns would do. The pineapple sweeten the whole burger, the chicken fillet a little dry for me but at least it was not too tough. Bacon was not overly fried so that is a plus.

Jeremy's Meat Lover burger, there is salad for the burger but he opted to just have beef and bacon. Okayyyyyyyyy. Truly a meat lover there.

Kenneth's beef burger, I cannot remember what it is called. But hey, no complaints so far!

Steven's chicken burger.

Janis' burger which I have a feeling may be a vegan one but I really cannot remember. However, I know it is NOT fish because they don't have one.

A large bowl of chips is the way to go. I think there are about five toppings for you to choose from. Salt, Chook salt, Spicy etc. Not the best chips I have had but I still liked the thickness and a good potato filling. Overall, a 6.5/10.

Eveline was the healthy one and ordered the feta veggie burger. There are quite a few burgers to choose from but the prices are pretty steep for its quality. Given the distance uni is from V Burger Bar, I would go that little extra mile for that. Burger Edge is really nothing to crow about and the only edge they have over all the other burger places is that they serve MILKSHAKES. Yes, a good milkshake is the PERFECT end to a burger meal. However, I did not get one because it was alittle late in the night when we had dinner.

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com
And they also have onion rings!!! They call it gourmet onion rings but frankly there is nothing gourmet about it, except I chose to have the parmesan and oregano topping. At $4.50, I would much rather go have the ones at V Burger Bar. However, it is nice to know I have the option closeby when an OR craving hits. There are quite alot of OR to go around in a standard bowl but it was wasn't freid properly or properly coated. The flour could not hold the ring shape well.

While it is nothing compared to Grill'd and the bistro and even JusBurgers, it is the next best thing we have to a more gourmet burger so close by, only very slightly comparable to V Burger Bar.

Good to have a try myself and unlikely for me to return. What say you, am I a burger snob?

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Burger Edge Waterford Shopping Centre on Urbanspoon

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