Friday, May 31, 2013

Mayy's Closet

A quick post on my graduation dress. I suppose the only reason why I am unwilling to even let go of it was because I wore it to my graduation a couple of years ago with the most amazing pair of gravity-defying wedges but took no photos of that OOTD because 1. I had no instagram then and 2. I had my graduation gown over it and that kind of takes precedence.

But I wore it out again this year and quickly snapped a few selfies. I got this floral dress from an facebook blogshop and had originally wanted to wear it for a race day. It is a bit shorter than I had hoped for. But I liked the double skirt layers. Can't really tell on here but there are abit of ruffles folds on the sleeves down to the waist. There really is no need for any additional accessories with this dress because the prints speak for themselves.

I will probably get round to wearing it again when summer comes round this year end.

 But I got away with wearing it in at the beginning of Autumn by pulling a short cropped jacket over it. The skirt itself looks kind of pretty doesnt it?

Definitely one of the girliest things I have in my closet. And one with sentimental value. Do you own any dresses that you wear for one occasion (wedding dresses excluded) and just don't have the heart to give it up even though you really know you won't wear it again?

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