Tuesday, May 28, 2013

mayyn meal - Bistro Guillaume

It has been awhile now, but (A)lure at Crown Perth was taken down and replaced with Bistro Guillaume by the famed chef himself. Decided to take Mum and Dad there for a good dinner.

I have always liked the entrance of this specific spot in the complex.

I understand the casual chic concept but I just wished they would not present the menu in such a cheap way, at least for dinner. 

A good view in my opinion overlooking the newly renovated pool which is amazing!

The consistent interior is something I really liked, a bit of French fare there.

The kitchen.

Escargots for starter. Abit too drenched in oil for me.

French Onion soup, no french cuisine dinner is complete without it. For me, at least. I found it quite good so no complaints there.

My lamb dish was quite good, but too much for me to handle and a bit too rare and pink for my liking.

Mum had the fish which was simple and beautiful. 

Dad had the pork belly, which was not too bad and I wished I had that instead. That thick layer of fats, oh man. Some may not like it though.

With a side of rocket salad was good because well, there wasnt much greens on any of our mains. The salad was very simple and nothing fancy so I felt perhaps abit overpriced.

Waited for my souffle, like French onion soup, I like ordering souffle for desserts mostly if I have that choice. I like the sweet and sour stark contrast for a real good palate cleanser after such a filling meal.

Went out onto the veranda for a look if you wished for an outdoor dinner.

Love the casual seats and great for hosting perhaps a few friends for some drinks and light food.

Dad looking through the chef's book after payment.

Absolutely love the seat! Not the colour but what an entrance!

The CNY decor at that time of the year at Crown Perth.

Would I return to BG? Well, it was quite overpriced and frankly not really. As far as I am concerned, to this day Modo Mio at Crown Perth offers up the best dining experience there in comparison to all the  other venues like Nobu, Rockpool etc.

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  1. Damnnn!! I have massive complaints for the soup when I was there :(! Girlie ordered the soup and we found it a little too sweet. It felt like it was more fake than natural!

    I was actually quite pissed off with the quality of guillaume until I went in one day for dessert. It is pretty decent especially the petite fours. That is so cheap although IMHO it is almost complementary for most exp meals!

    Also.. I am not sure about what you think of the bread but I think its one of the worst I have eaten haha.

    1. I agree that this place is abit of a disappointment really, given how beautiful it looks and in Crown Perth as well. We should really have better standards!