Tuesday, May 28, 2013

mayyn meal - Milk'd Maylands and Sado Island

Just missing home with family and close friends for a bit today. And realised I haven't blogged on Mum and Dad visit back in Feb. So here goes...

Brought the both of them to Maylands and stopped by Milk'd for breakfast. 

Nothing too special on the menu so I went with the potato cake and smoked salmon. I found it actually quite good but wished they had more salad on it. With all the other cafes on the same stretch, I doubt I would actually choose to go to Milk'd over Mrs S. or Sherbets even. 

Milkd Maylands on Urbanspoon

Lunch with Mum at Sado Island around Claremont/St Quentin's Ave. Still highly expensive in my opinion but this bento set is definitely enough for two of us to share. Would hardly choose to return unless I have no choice like when Mum wants some Asian food and there ain't much choice around.

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