Monday, May 27, 2013

mayyn meals - Aisuru Sushi, The Precinct, and The Imp

Another weekend of eating out led two girls back to Aisuru Sushi at Northbridge which we later vowed never to return again because it is grossly overpriced. Here's what we got...

2 small plates of:

Plum Flower roll which is really just chicken and rice wrapped in omelette with quite a nice plum dressing. Anything to shout about? No. To pay over 10bucks for these, HOLYMOTHEROF*********

And then we also ordered Black Caviar which was better than Plum Flower in my opinion and more value for money but still for the price of a burger or salad, I am not getting much tummy flilling from these...

Aisuru Sushi on Urbanspoon

Sunday brought us to The Precinct in East Vic Park for an early dinner. It was relatively quiet at the time we were there and we ordered:

1. Turkey Wings with Nam Jin sauce - wished there were more sauce but I like the tender meat and chunky sizes.
2. Salmon Fish Fingers - fabulous and totally worth going back for. Good healthier (?) substitute for chips? Perhaps.
3. A pear and walnut salad which was very simple and looks easy to put together but a good balance to the other two dishes!

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And lastly, we decided to skip dessert at The Precinct and head across the road to The Imp for the yummy Sticky Date Pudding with some creamy Vanilla Ice cream. Always a good end.

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