Tuesday, May 14, 2013

mayyn meal - Guy Savoy

What a decadent spoilt night... Herein lies my record of it:

Guy Savoy at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Sis staring at the menu...

The waiting bar area is very chic, love the design of it.

Our family corner. The service was attentive and just all-round good.

The view of the restaurant from where I was sitting. It does not hold many and the conversations were hushed. Fine Dining at its best?

Dad's favourite part! Sir, what wine would you like?

Our little complimentary starters of foie gras toast (on toothpick) and parmesan waffle (on plate).  It left me wanting more and the little bites were great to start things off. 

Our waitress preparing the complimentary bread which was crusty on the outside and yummy soft on the inside.

The menu.

Amuse Bouche - beetroot focussed with a surprise!

Ta-dah!  Beetroot ravioli hidden underneath. I love the presentation!

One of our starters - Salmon cooked on dried ice in front of us by the chef. So cool.

And that's mama on the phone. SHEESH. while Dad eyes her food LOL.

The cold lobster entree

My super yummy truffle soup. I love how if one of us did not order an entree or dessert, the chef prepares a small complimentary portion of that person! Very thoughtful!

Preparing my fish main.


With sea urchin... I like how it all comes together. But abit of a sea urchin overload at the end of it. We have ordered all the half portions which is a perfect option to have in Asia where people dont generally eat that much!

The best fish of the day for our table. Mum's barra.

Dad's garden of lamb main cooked to perfection.


Sis' boulade which was quite good too.

AND SO BEGINS THE DESSERT SLAUGHTER. The family had been to Guy Savoy without me once but ended up too full to even go for any dessert. Therefore, with me around, I made sure we won't end up that way!!!


A complimentary pre-dessert dessert! It really cleanses the palate with passionfruit.


My Chocolate Orb that I have chosen off the menu, as presented.

And then the server started to pour passionfruit coulis over it...

Watching the top melt right in front of my eyes.

And he's done destroying my orb!


Looks pretty awesome to be truthful...


It didn't satisfy my chocolate dessert craving because it was so small and actually quite sour. I couldn't really stomach so much sour BUT on a good note, I did feel like I was ready to take on more desserts.


Noir - the chocolate cake dessert my sister got off the menu and refused to share. Must have been good.


Not on the menu, a seasonal dessert - Strawberry and Rubarb. Light and refreshing for those who wasn't really looking for something too sweet. Mum and Dad quite liked it.

Then the lovely charming humorous waitress brought this to our table!!!

THE DESSERT TROLLEY. Kinda like Hogwarts if you asked me but so much better.

Her explaining to us whats on that marvellous tray...

I want them all. I truly did. According to her, a Japanese customer once tried all of it in over an hour. He did it. I thought I could to. But alas, I can only stomach so much...

These are my first five selections - millefeuille, mini profiteroles, madeleine, macaron and an apple tart. A mouthful of joy, that was each of them. The madeleine wasn't fab but the rest made up for it.

My sister's five selections with the hazelnut eclair looking one which was to-die-for.

The parentals shared a cardamon icecream scoop which was yums.


My second plate with that hazelnut amazinggoodness, two different berry tarts, an earl grey cookie and a chocolate bonbon.

I am kicking myself for trying everything on it but I did try everything I wanted to. Definitely one of the best nights of my life so far. It was like a dream come true!

And then they served us with a post-dessert dessert. PRE AND POST DESSERTS. Definitely my kind of a place. Enough said.


My favourite mouthful of Joy.

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