Friday, May 24, 2013

mayyn meals - PS Cafe Palais Renaissance, Yamagawa, Crystal Jade

Just a quick photo round-up of a quick foodie stopover.

Truffle fries at PS Cafe always make me feel as if I have sinned.

Their PS breakfast stack was nothing too amazing but it was nice to spend some time with my vegan cousin Chiaps!

Never complete without a trip down to Yamagawa, my favourite Jap place ever. Aburi salmon belly and swordtail belly sushi. Absolutely to-die-for.

Expensive Jap melon at $18 a slice but so worth it. The juices are indescribable!

Extra azuki love with green tea ice cream because the kitchen knows my love for those beans.

and to end it all, some good Asian food right up my alley. Not the best but they will have to do.

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