Friday, May 31, 2013

Mayy's Closet

Alright so that last Closet post was a bit rubbish so here goes for a better one.

Just a simple Tuesday out, taking a bit of a self-declared no work day. Met my girl X for a walk around town and particularly after an important appointment.

Wearing a black basic bodycon dress from Valleygirl that only costs $4.95 which is cheap ass and basics are so crucial in the closet. Glad that they come cheap so I buy them in bulk and in various colours. 

Anyway topped it off with a cropped sheer top with ruffle sleeves from Bangkok which costs alot more than the dress. I just loved the colour combination and the cuts along the neckline.

Taking photos with the Suzuki we found in the carpark lot with such an appropriate carplate! Paired it with my Kmart tiffblue ballet flats which also unfortunately was its last day out as we walked in the rain that evening for a good soaking.

The back details, and one of the reasons why I bought this top.

Abit like angel wings, dont you think? Metaphorically. What attention to detail and definitely one of those tops I am so glad I got from Bangkok with good quality. Would pay for that!

Stumbled across this wall and just knew more photos are in order. It kinda goes all together now! 
The top is unfortunately too sheer on its own and I am still working on how to overcome that. The black dress is cool but I do find it abit harsh on such a sweet colour combi.

Luv Shoes.

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