Wednesday, October 26, 2011

M's Food Find #76

This post is something very Aussie and very simple fare. Not extravagant like my Nobu experience. A local tavern in one of the suburbs, Wembley.

Called the Herdsman Lake Tavern, it is nothing too fancy and from my one time experience, pretty alright given the pricetag.

We were both on a little health diet so had a side of lightly seasoned veggies.

It was schnitzel/parmigiana night when I went so I ordered the schnitzel special. Huge portion and pretty standard pub fare. Nothing to rave about yet...

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My dinner companion ordered the barramundi which was grilled very well and melts in your mouth. The mash could be better seasoned but I wont complain. The beetroot accompaniment is a delight.

There was also all you can eat bread basket where I must say the bread rolls were AMAZING. Warm and beautifully soft. Good start to the meal. Wished I had their dessert but alas, it was getting too late.

Service was simple and order at the counter. Our meal arrived pretty quickly too. I guess I wouldnt go out of my way to head down there for a meal but for residents in the area, it is pretty convenient!

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Maxwell's Bar and Bistro, Herdsman Lake Tavern on Urbanspoon

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