Friday, October 28, 2011

Kitchen Venture #12

Sunny days in Perth! The rain and dreary grey has blown past us. Unfortunately, that also means I no longer sleep past 7am no matter how late I sleep the night before. The sunrays like to creep into my room and wake me up cheerily. I cant get quite angry with it though because I truly love sunshine.

Anywa, winter/spring brings around fresh produce of strawberries here in Australia. And they can get quite juicy! I never hesitate to grab a couple of punnets when I do my grocery shopping. They make for great tasty brekkie, snacks and desserts!

Here's one way of having them after a meal, dessert! With whipped cream and honey. A fresh papayashake sits behind it. Some have it with sugar... me, perhaps brown sugar and cinnamon!

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And recently, I had a snack attack and since its past dinner time (which I didnt quite have)... decided to improvise. Instead of my usual strawberries and honey, I added a slice of cheese and melted it for about twenty seconds in the microwave. Should have added honey after the cheese melted instead of leaving the honey in to melt as well because it just turned watery. BUT YUMS!

Quick and easy snack, healthy too ;)

Till my next kitchen venture, Mayy xo

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