Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today, Mayy...

A more humane side to this blogger resurfaces.

Having submitted my thesis, I believed I should be at peace. Truth be told, I am relaxed to only some extent. But I spend alot of my time now impatient, confused and anxious. Why? Because I have no idea what I want to do! I have decided to continue to teach for the first semester next year. Buys me some more time to think and figure things out.

I studied accounting, interned at somewhere prestigious (semi), got a job offer before I graduated, and went on to do an honours program (somewhat prestigious). I did everything my parents ever wanted. I acheived my goal of reversing my fate and have them be proud of my achievements. I am proud of myself because I proved that I could do it.

But now what? What can I do? Do I like accounting? Do I like auditing? I dont doubt that I am cut out for the job but am I happy? Is happy overrated? I am so confused because no doubt you can tell where my interests lie.

Till my cami soles, Mayy xo

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