Saturday, October 8, 2011

M's Food Find #72

On one of those nights where stress levels were on an all-time high. it was time for dinner and I managed to satisfy the indian cuisine craving by going to a new restaurant (well, I haven't tried it si it's my first time)

Jewel of the Park is located in East Victoria Park and rather isolated on its own standalone building.

Not many people are big fans of indian cuisine or just know it as curries. While there are so many varieties of curry, I love the spices involved using the simplest of ingredients.

But less talk and more on the food served at Jewel.

Rice came in one big bowl and dont look too appetising. Not the best I've had and very disappointing. Basmati rice is a huge part of indian cuisine. When done right, its fragrant and pure looking.

What's this non too appetising looking dish? Its goat's cheese spinach with beancurd and I tell you its super good! Fresh and no strong cheese smell.

Chilli chicken was not too spicy and too sweet for me. But tender chicken pieces.

One of the stars of the night! Garlic and cheese naan. Cooked to perfection and chewy and fresh.
I so would go back to just eat this. I love that they instantly recommended this (not on the menu) when we ordered a cheese naan and a garlic naan. Hardly any indian restaurants do this here and I was looking all over for it.

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And lastly we had fish curry which was really yummy. Curry was to a good thickness and the fish really absorbed the spices.

I had a really good dinner and my tummy is rumbling at the thought of it all. I haven't had anything to eat all day but for a cup of coffee. Now...where should I go for lunch?

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Jewel of the Park on Urbanspoon

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