Thursday, October 27, 2011


If you think about it, racing season involves one being at the racecourse if you are attending and race courses are traditionally (till today) green... in grass that is. Ladies love their heels which completes a fabulous outfit. But grass and heels dont go too well together!

That's where one of my favourite shoe accessory comes in! Called Starlettos, the pretty little rubber flower thing helps prevent ladies from having to walk tippy-toes all the time and the risk of tripping over (never a good look...).

Not only that, this little thing helps prevents heels from tearing a long gown or dress! I have had such experiences and wished I knew about this sooner! So I thought I would share.

Starlettos have been so popular and just growing in demand, so much so they were included in the nominee giftbags for the 63rd emmy awards! Its going international this flower.

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They now come in red, black and clear glitter in addition to their first original clear one. I reckon a normal clear one is best because it goes with anything! Now this little post is purely my own opinion and not in any connection or advertising for them.

I just love the idea so much and think they are absolutely great! Read more or shop online at

How great are they? ;) Thank me later!

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