Monday, October 31, 2011

Krispy Kreme!

Remember I had a box of a dozen krispy kreme gifted to me last week... Well, lucky for me, out of the choices I had, I managed to pick the one that included BOTH my favourite flavours!
So which are they?

1. Blueberry

This classic cake doughnut will remind you of a traditional blueberry muffin. We add blueberry bits to the mix, let the doughnut cook and then finish them off with a coating of glaze.

I really liked this because the blueberry dough was amazingly cake-like and so much better than donut tastes!

2. Chocolate Crème Filled

The chocolate éclair of doughnuts! A yeast-raised doughnut shell hand filled with rich, smooth creme and then carefully topped off with a coating of chocolate icing.

Not saying I dont like donuts but if I had to eat one, I would lovelovelovelove to have this particular one. The combination is light and heavenly. Microwave it for a warm snack or freeze it for a ice cream cake dessert!

But to fill a box of 6 at the very least, what other flavours would I have gotten?

3. Strawberry Drizzle

Fresh from the strawberry doughnut farm, this classic iced doughnut is the taste of juicy spring berries!

4. Strawberries & Crème

You don’t have to wait for tennis season to enjoy this traditional combination. This yeast-raised doughnut shell is packed with strawberry flavoured creme and lightly dusted with powdered sugar.

5. Apple Custard Pie

Try our Apple Custard Pie – it’s our take on some classic flavours! It’s so delicious, we’ve now included it in our permanent range. Try one today.

6. Special

Depending on whats on specials during the time when I am buying them and giving the new ones a go!

Which flavours would be in YOUR box of 6 Krisypy Kremes?

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