Saturday, January 4, 2014

mayyn meal - Sherbet Cafe and Bake Shop

I have known this place for quite some time now and never got round to actually heading down for tea. Then, I eventually did and couldn't stop.

Love the display, I couldn't choose! I have had their Red Velvet cakes before and while I am no big fan of those red things, I love Sherbet's RV cake which comes in ONE HUGE SLICE.

It wasn't going to be easy describing each one, so here's a summary: the cupcakes were too sweet and not the best I have had, even if they look pretty and sound awesome. The cakes are much better options to have like the Carrot Cake and tea cakes and Red Velvet Cakes. 

It really isn't a place for savoury food, call up your girlfriends now and go have some sweet things together.

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