Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mayy's Closet - Tartan Red Legs

Happy New Year peeps, or whoever still reads this. I shall attempt to clear my 2013 backlog this weekend so I can start 2014 afresh! After all, I just spent this week spring cleaning my house and refused to acknowledge the arrival of 2014 till I finished.

2013 brought about my Black Milk Clothing obsession which still continues into the new year. Cannot wait for the new release in the coming weeks!!! Anyhow, red tartan legs for last winter...

Matched it with a winter striped top from Zara Kids. Love the embellished neckline and the woolly insides of the top which looks deceptively thin.

My first pair of stilettos which I bought from Sportsgirl years ago (wow, I can't believe I have been in Perth for this long now. Time really flies.)

because I love the big mirrors at the gym, so I just go in there to take selfies. People may think I am nuts but whatever, as long as I don't compromise my instagram updates ;P

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