Thursday, January 9, 2014

mayyn meal - Koh Grill Sushi Bar in Singapore

Located in Wisma Atria's Food Republic foodcourt, I met Quak for dinner on a weekday night for a catchup. Got him to head down there early and get a seat first because I had heard how busy it gets.

And when I got there (I was late), I was right. The queue was madness. Snaking everywhere. And lucky for me, when he got there there was no queue and he has been sitting in there waiting haha.

However, not every seat inside was filled so technically the queue could move abit faster.

The menu looks good so we really wanted everything. We tried controlling though!

The pitan maki was quite unique with the pitan sauce.

The one everybody is raving about. So naturally, i wanted to try.

It really was quite good. Just wish the rice was lesser.

The cream sauce did overpower the whole thing.

I wanted to try this, it was quite good but the roe and sauce were too much really.

Overall, sushi rolls were yummy and sinful. Nothing healthy here. Abit too much rice, abit too soft. But overall I would give it 6.5/10

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