Saturday, January 4, 2014

mayyn meal - The Sticky Spoon Cafe

Being out in Swan Valley for the day, my sister demanded that I take her to the House of Honey. She loves Honey, much like Winnie the Pooh. Honey and Scones together, well she more than just wants to go have a look. She wanted to eat at The Sticky Spoon Cafe.

So after a light lunch, we drove down to the next lane and ordered ourselves some honey-licious treats!

Strawberries, Cream and Honey icecream was the favourite other than the Honeycomb icecream. It was sweet and milky and how all icecreams should be.

We also have the Beesting cake which in my opinion was lovely and so yummy. Honey-licious, look at the custard and honey oozing out!

Honey scones were also delectable. Not the best scones I had but the honeylover in my sister liked it alot so much as she always asks for me to bring it back to Singapore for her. As if I was going to drive all the way there! She can have it when she comes over for a visit.

My cousin visiting Perth for the first time.

Selfies when girls are around!

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