Saturday, January 4, 2014

mayyn meal - The Tuck Shop

I have eaten at this place for so long now and have never really blogged about it because well, I got so backlog my photos kept piling up! Nevertheless, I give up and will blog with what I have saved.

Black Pudding Bruschetta for one very early morning,

Something very different and not easy to stomach at all for most people. Taste-overall was quite interesting, not saying I would be going back in a hurry for it.

Always a long line or a bit of a wait if you get there late... so I only decide to go down there if I can arrange for a very early appointment!

They serve up freshly homemade pies and each time I am not disappointed, even if some days I have to wait till I feel faint from hunger. Nevertheless, flavours are always on point, the crust is amazing, and the fillings are chunky as how it should be.

A very healthy breakfast choice of fennel and smoked salmon bruschetta.

Loveeeeeee the decor.

The chicken pie.

The lamb pie.

The mushroom bruschetta is simply divine and the flavours are very fresh.

I NEVER FAIL TO ORDER A SIDE OF BEANS (sorry for the caps because it needs to be highlighted). It is cooked with smoked ham hock and the meaty flavour and shredded chunks are so yums.

I have had the pancakes, I have had the baked cod dish and several others. Overall, the feed is good, the coffee is good and it is very difficult to be disappointed at this establishment. While it is not the best of the best with the parking and location and waiting times and even food, I like the fresh produce and generally good service.

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