Thursday, January 9, 2014

mayyn meal - P.S. Cafe in Ann Siang Singapore

Went down to the CBD to meet sis for lunch one of the days I was back. Decided to walk abit further from the DBS Towers to Ann Siang.

I had the Vodka Cheng Tng. Yes, I can drink for lunch. I wasn't driving nor was I going to work after. It tastes like the local dessert and vodka added to it. Not too bad.

Also tried the Poutine. Great concept, looks amazing, but flavour seemed to be somewhat lacking. Could do with more foie gras thats why! Hahaha

Laksa Pesto Pasta was abit bland as well. Great concept but really, was not pulled off well. Slightly disappointing but of course, in Singapore its mostly the company that matters!

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