Tuesday, March 12, 2013

mayyn meal - Dough Pizza

My first Tuesday when I started in uni again, I met X for an impromptu dinner to settle our pizza cravings. And finally made it past rush hour traffic into Northbridge. Sweet parking spot right in front of Dough Pizzeria!

The interior is actually quite spacious and I can just smell the italian crowds, and chattering and food when the place is packed. We were early so only a couple of tables were filled.\

Watching the chef preparing right in front

Had the Regina pizza (I think I got the name wrong but yeah) The ingredients were fresh and aplenty. I like the soft pizza base and slightly chewy crust even if I dont usually eat crust. 

X been there before and had the huge cold meat platter and other pizzas. I reckon the price and quality of this pizzeria are pretty good, slightly above average.  

Ended with a dessert calzone, pears and ricotta. I like the entire sweetness of it but would prefer thicker slices of pears because they seemed to be drowning in ricotta. 

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