Friday, March 15, 2013

Mayy's Closet in a week

And so with food, comes a bit of weekly fashion/clothes - still keeping up with the resolution and not repeating what I have already worn.

It is more of the knitted top here that I am concerned with. Got it from a Love, Bonito warehouse sale a few years back and only really got round to wearing it about less than five times since. Not that I don't like it, I just get abit lazy sometimes having to wear another layer under it.

If I wasnt wearing red shorts, I would have maybe gone for a coloured top underneath the black.

Simple and casual for a reading day. A dash of difference with my yellow schu wedges. Which unfortunately, had to be disposed of at the end of Thursday I wore this outfit. 

One top down, many more to go.

A dipped-hem ruffled black maxidress for Monday. Have already blogged about it before when I dressed it up for dinner but never worn it since then which was two years ago. So this time, I dressed it down for its second time in public. Havis, gold necklaces and a ring. Nothing too much and a cardigan because one just does not wear a strapless dress to uni that way.

Another maxidress and havis combination for the week. Because of the wooden beads detailed neckline, I really didnt put in much effort into accessorising it for a day look. Have blogged about this dress before two years ago when I first got it and did wear it out a couple of times for dinner.

You can tell where this is going. I dont wear alot of things often because well, in a year I really dont get the chance to make that rotation or rather I dont put in the effort. But this year, I am making a difference. Look out singapore's flea market at scape, there is going to be a big sale at the end of 2013.

One of my favourite red dresses of all time, I wore it first more than five years back for CNY and have kept it in my workwear collection ever since. Thanks Future State, you were doing so well back then.

No heels for the day, just simple black flats and a waisted belt with minimal accessories. 

For Tuesdays when I get up abit later than the rest of the week. A strapless flowy tube top with red shorts, paired with gold loafers. Throw on a cardigan for uni, and only a pair of earrings to match. Red and blue are definitely my inspirational colours for over a year now. I like this top because it can be worked into future maternity wear dont you think? or for me to nurse a food baby at least. Jeans, shorts, bodycon skirt. This top goes with everything! Another for keeps.

Two tops down, a few more to go.
I am not even going to start a countdown for my dresses.

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