Wednesday, March 13, 2013

mayyn meal - The Classroom

On our first Saturday night out since being back, we chose to start early at The Classroom.

Not that far away from the city and parking is relatively easy in the surrounding areas.

Along the row of suburbia shophouses looking very unassuming, hides this little gem of a themed bar.

Inside, it is fully decked out in all things to do with school.

Hopscotch and the library...the bookcase is actually a hidden door! It opens to another bigger room/area where functions can be held.

The bartenders call themselves teachers.

The menu full of cool and appropriate names to the theme.

We had some snacks to start off our night and accompany a drink. This is the fish cakes which were really quite light and fitting for summer. I kind of wish it wasnt a self-service buzzer system.

The Bucket, to rival KFC. The batter is really tasty and flavourful thats for sure. It was quite yummy!

And on to the room behind the bookcases...

Looks cool doesnt it?! A good place to hold a party I should think. Anyway, we didnt stay too long at the classroom and made our way to the Merrywell to spend the rest of our night...

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I spend enough time at this pub as it is and on a Saturday night, it was packed as. Definitely wasnt easy trying to find a table or get a drink. But I should say their Sunday sesh gets even more crowded.

Had a late evening snack since we didnt have much at The Classroom...

Their hotdogs were actually really good and it was more due to the fact that their relish and toppings were fantastic. One of the better tasting and bang for your buck dishes on the menu.

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