Friday, March 22, 2013

Mayy's Closet

Some friday nights deserved a little bit of effort! And it begun a weekend's worth of birthday celebrations for two friends so dressing up is in order.

Here's the OOTD/N that kicked off the festivities.

(instagram @ mayyb)

Had to tone it down for the day in uni so had on a black cardi and wore my gold loafers flats from Kmart, red lipstick and eyeliner are also a no-deal!!!

but come evening, I put on the warpaint, put on some bangles and swapped the flats for my red suede heels from Forever New to head into the city for drinks and dinner.

Well, I was abit too early but neccessary for parking so I went shopping on kings street which ended up costing me a pretty penny because I succumbed to temptation. UH OH. but guilt has never felt as good, goodness gracious.

One of my fave oversized clutch. A touch of glitter and glam from Valleygirl.
Really holds alot, definitely one of the best buys!

The dress - from Love Bonito ages ago and I only just wore it for the first time that Friday.

I love the material of it, thick and good quality which unfortunately cant be said for some of their more recent items. Anyhow, love the military chic look which can sway into the nautical theme just as easily! would love to find a captain's blazer to go with it ;)

Minor details like a tulip skirt hem is always appreciated!

Definitely loving some of the photos for the night and how amazing the colour of the heels pop through!

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