Friday, March 15, 2013

Mayy's Closet

One of the reasons why Perth is so dear to me, the views and the sense of belonging and home every time I am there, Cottesloe Beach.

Its Sunday, and the weather is gorgeous. What else can we do except to dress up and head down to the beach and find ourselves some good brunch at one of the many cafes around there...

Sunday's summer get-up

(Instag @mayyb)

The wind was so strong the dress didnt really hold down too well!

Dress - Supre. I love the cut of it and the loosefit. Perfect for a foodie outing!

After Cottesloe, we usually head down to Freo and I love the sights of all the different yachts and boats. Really wished I could have been on one or own one! Definitely on the bucket list...

A close up of my very cute heart-shaped wicker bag from Forever New I got a couple of years ago! But didn't take it out till now, I really gotta stop keeping things and staring at them at home. Definitely one of this year's resolutions. 

The bag is definitely cute and all but not very friendly in terms of functionality. Alot of money for aesthetic reasons, well I can understand.

Close-up of the floral prints. Reminds me of an English Rose garden.

A day out at sea...yeah a girl can dream.

Close up of the wedges which has sadly passed on yesterday.

Super love this shot! What I love about this dress is the prints and colours really makes accessorizing around it so easy. Yellow, blue, red, brown, pink, they somehow all work.

A demure kind of day?

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