Friday, March 8, 2013

Mayy's Closet - Day Six of CNY

So the last night of CNY celebrations in Singapore for me before I headed back to Perth. Ever since I went to their first one a couple of years back, I make it a point (if I can help it) to stick around and attend this dinner because it is truly one of life's pleasures.

Alright I know its meant to be a closet post but the dinner also deserves to be featured.

Held by Resorts World Sentosa annually, this year we celebrate the year of Snake.

One of the best Lo Hei every year, and long wooden good quality chopsticks that everyone loves to pull some magic on by the time the night ends...

Baked lobster, sweet and succulent.

Abalone with wrapped pork trotters or something of that sort. Never been an abalone fan so sis or dad usually get mine.

Superlove the tender chicken but last year's glutinuous rice was better.

CNY petit fours

Dessert platter. I truly feel like its CNY everytime I attend and feel so proud to be able to celebrate this festival in such a traditional and happy style.

For the night, I finally wore a cheongsam I bought a year ago but didnt want to wear because I knew everybody would be wearing the style during that year...

Flowers and vines earrings - Forever New

Cheongsam by Love, Bonito

Definitely felt abit of a chill going on during the dinner...

Paired the look with Mum's vintage MCM bag which I so super love, It truly looks so ladylike!
Heels - New Look black satin ones with the blinged platforms.
Definitely not in my best shape, bodywise since I have been sick and the antibiotics dont help in my food intake.

While I know I do look older than my age in this outfit but I really enjoy the occasion to dress up and wear something traditional/modern for once. Definitely a dress for keeps, even if I am most probably going to wear it just this once...

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