Monday, March 4, 2013

mayyn meal - Carpenter and Cook

Following the brunch at Choupinette, Aiky and I continued on our lazy day to Carpenter and Cook hidden  from public eyes and crowds.

Not saying the cafe was quiet, because I know it is one popular place.

Vintage and antiques dotted (okay, covered) the spacious cafe.

The counter with the yummy goodies...

Really really cute concept! No wonder Singaporeans love this place.

My skinny latte served on the cutest plate.

Coffee was quite darn good, just so you know. Definitely kind of worth the trip down there if you dont live right across it. Lucky people...

see, I did say it wasnt quiet even on a weekday afternoon!

Chose this lavender bundt because I couldnt have everything I wanted. Hate making choices (it was a toss up between this and lemon drizzle cake). But I love the lavender aroma in my mouth as I savour this sweet treat. 

(On a sidenote, a friend did mention the lemon drizzle cake was good after I posted photos on fb)

Okay, so I really like the sets and serving decor.

Because it was a bit hot, so we had this to try and cool down. Not something I like, but Aiky did find it intriguing and yummy.

Afternoon tea, done the right way. Decor, serving, plating and the food.

Scones - all sold out and we only had the choice of choc chip which was the last one! I really like the sandy texture and crumbly buttery goodness of it all. Definitely one of the better scones in Singapore which can be so difficult to find because most tend to be dry or just not fresh.

Would I return to Carpenter and Cook, yups. Why? Not because of the kitschy-ness, but because the stuff has the credibility and yummi-ness to boot.

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