Friday, March 22, 2013

mayyn meal - Aisuru Sushi

Probably blogging about food at this time is not the wisest thing to do but I can't sleep so here goes...

We started our Friday night in the city with a drink at Bobeche and The Grand before dinner. A couple of photos from Bobeche which I found a bit overpriced especially their cocktails in a teapot concept.

And with a slight buzz, we headed to sushi for dinner. Aisuru Sushi, to be exact. This place has been around since 2012 and quite a hit in Northbridge. I guess it would be because of the concept and the variety of sushi rolls they offer!

Seated at the counter provides quite a nice dinner experience but I really thought that counter top could have been transformed into a sushi train!

Had sweet corn tempura to start with which was strangely addictive. So simple but yummy. Would prefer it to be served in a bowl because it tends to be fiddly with chopsticks!

we had the grilled salmon roll, which was reasonable. Nothing too amazing but above average in Perth I would think so. Pretty generous fillings. They pretty much torch most of their ingredients, for that extra smokiness and of course the grilled aburi look.

We still felt a big hungry after the first two and ordered the Sunset Boulevard roll. Most of their rolls have really funky names which is always fun! I prefer this roll to the first one but was a tad salty. It became a bit too much after this and felt like sushi overload at the end of it.

to be honest, sushi here compared on a global scale is really not that fab, but by perth standards this is pretty good. so beggars cant be choosers.

Price is average for a dinner out in the city and the standard of food is reasonable. definitely a good place to go to before or after a couple of drinks.

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