Friday, March 15, 2013

Mayy's Closet

I am not ready to give up on Summer for sure. But autumn is upon us, and the weather change is getting there what with the rain and grey days. However, as long as I have my sunshine, I shall be wearing my floral dresses still.

And this is definitely one of them. I wore it out twice since being back.

Dress- Dotti

Once to uni. Paired with the yellow schu wedges. Was contemplating on blue wedges or just dark wood ones. But I realised that the dress will be with me for quite a while so I will always have the opportunity to try out the different looks.

and another to dinner at Bistro Guillaume at Crown. 

Love the subtle corset back of the dress...
Paired it with my six-inch colourblock heels from Novo

A slightly clearer picture I hope. It is not too much so I can wear it to uni!

(Instagram @mayyb)

A silver clutch and silver accessories so that the colorful dress and heels can speak for themselves.

I like the demure look of it and how it can take me from day to night depending on my accessories. These days seemed to see me toning down the look abit more. Still me and sometimes loud, but not like when I was younger and cutout holes were for nights out...

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