Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kitchen Venture #1: Sunnyside ups

I remember over 2 years ago I did not know much about the kitchen and the work one can do in it. I did not know how to crack an egg. I really have not even boiled any water before, so I can't even do instant noodles/cup noodles. Who would have thought I needed to go study overseas and learn to feed myself eh?

I stayed at my first house with 2 really kind landlords. Marcus was patient and I used to go grocery shopping with him. He taught me little things and big things. If I had any questions about food storage, I could ask him. One important thing I learnt was: The best guide to storing food of any kind (if not indicated on package) is to store the item based on how you found the item in the supermarket. I would watch him cook dinner in the evenings. I would watch Adeline bake when she started her obsession a year later. I guess I do have their influences in my cooking nowadays. I learnt to use different kitchen utensils based on different needs.

The very first food I set out to conquer was the egg. I have since learnt to crack them without apprehensiveness and fear. Just use a teaspoon and knock the middle of the egg and create a thin line horizontally about 2cm and then use hands to crack into a bowl before the pan. After that, try with a tablespoon, spatula, knocking against the bowl/pan to create the crack. I am even able to crack them with one hand at times. Watch Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, it instills this sense of confidence in me! I love eggs. I can do them in so many ways too. I also love big brekkies, you know with sunny side ups, baked beans, bacon etc. So a month from the time I moved to Perth for university, I cooked a nice big hot brekkie (complete with kaya toast) for my dinner in the cold winter. Yes, breakfast for dinner is one of my many quirks.

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To make sure its well cooked through, the whites should be bubbling and crackling. You can use the spatula to slowly slide the eggs onto the plate so the yolks don't break. Or you can flip the egg and cook both sides well, wrapping the yolk within the whites.

I am hardly the expert chef. But for the clueless cooks out there like I was and still am, maybe this will all make you all that bit more confident to try. If I can do it, you can too.

Till my next kitchen venture on eggs, Mayy xoxo

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