Monday, December 6, 2010

Shoestopper #2

Thinking I only had to go into uni today for 2 meetings, I decided to wear my Betts black wedges. I sure did not plan to go into the city and then to Carousel for a big walk about. Those shoes are pretty and I bought them with the intention for shopping in them. Unforeseen circumstances forced me to reconsider unless I make some drastic changes. This shoe-stopping experience is one where I have to stop wearing them...

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I bought them in August this year when I went down to Harbourtown with X, Anna and Li Jia. I told myself before this I was not to buy any pairs of shoes and most certainly not any wedges. Guess that did not really work out. I am weak haha. We went into Betts and X made me try them on insisting they are really nice. I agree with her on that, and I have gotten quite a few compliments on it too when I wore them out. I tried them on, they did make my feet look smaller and daintier...She was saying how I should absolutely buy them because they are just too pretty. SO at AUD29.95, it is a bargain. I did cave and hand over my well-worn EFTPOS card.
I reminded myself on my first day wearing them why I should never buy slingbacks again because the back always fall off when I start walking. And these were no different. Its back elastic bands slip off each time I lift my feet. It has become so annoying I have since walked in it like they were slip ons each time I wear them out. They are lightweight and go with just about anything. Because I wear them like slip-ons, the balls of my feet hurts really bad from the pressure and the straw soles. Today was the worst experience so far. ButI have worn them out for shopping at Harbourtown a couple of weeks back and I still managed! Oh dear. It really needs to be fixed. Here's a photo of the wedges being put into action.

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I Googled on how to stop slingbacks from slipping. The most popular solution was to wear insoles so your feet do not slip forward when you walk. I tried that, it did NOT work. I have since come up with 3 solutions. 1. I will have to go to a cobbler to cut some of the strap and sew it back. This means it will be tighter and will not slip. 2. Get the cobbler to cut off the back straps entirely and make this pair to be slip-ons. 3. Cut the back straps and use velcro! I am thinking the velcro idea is a pretty good one =) I can still have it as sandals and no chance of really having the elastic becoming loose. Which solution will you choose?
Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo
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