Monday, December 13, 2010

Shoestopper #3

Since it's the holidays and I am actually quite bored out of my mind, I decided to get a few friends and head out partying on Wednesday and Saturday for the past week. Anna had bought me 2 really hot dresses from Supre in Melbourne. Their warehouse was apparently better than ours in Osborne Park. Nice, wish I was there. Anyway, both nights I wore the same heels out. So I thought I will blog about them. I have concurred that these are my comfiest shoes to go dancing in. I can last more than 5 hours partying hard in them! They look pretty darn good too. But it's not all plus points. A photo first before anything else...

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I bought them on 19th June this year in Harbourtown's Forever New. Li Jia was the witness to this buy since she was my shopping companion for the day. I was searching the racks for my size and really pretty lucky to have found one at all. I got them at a steal at AUD 24.95! They are made of felt/suede so thats really soft and kind to the feet. I initially thought the bling was a little too much (yeah, I know since when is bling too much to me eh?!). But I tried it on and it looked hot. So as they say, the rest is history...

When I bought it, this other lady was looking for her size too and she took quite awhile to find hers since her feet is smaller than mine. Sizes for shoes here when they go on sale are the usual suspects, for the bigger feet. Anyway she was ecstatic she found hers and told me so when I was at the cashier. Girls and shoes are just well, its like whiskey and ginger ale to me! I wore it that very night too for dinner to the casino. And there's one thing you should know about me. I seldom wear new things when I just buy them or things I like alot. Some of my new clothes are still 'new' 2 years from purchase date! hahaha. It says alot when I wear so soon, I must really like it alot alot alot. Anyway, it is so coincidental too at the casino that night, I met the woman who found her size that arvo! She saw my shoes and we both laughingly shared a secret smile.

Back in Singapore this July for winter break, I went to Zara as usual. Such a surprise to see the exact same pair on the racks, with of course a different label! Goodness. They were selling for like SGD150 if I remembered correctly. EEKS. So I really appreciated this darling pair even more since then. We'll end with a couple of photos of the shoes being put into action the past week!

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After wearing them out quite a few times now, my main concern when wearing them has always been my worry that the bling will drop out. It is my biggest fear and I can't enjoy myself properly when I wear them out to dance with the crowds! So I only wear them out for dinners and places I know they will be fine. Then I switch to flats for dancing. A little sad but I will do anything including wear flats just so my heels can all stay pristine and pretty.

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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