Friday, December 10, 2010

Today, Mayy...

Today, Mayy stayed home the whole day. A nice rest for a change. No rushing about, no gym, no driving, no spending money. It was a little boring but I needed this rest. You may be wondering what one would do the whole day at home with no work, no school...

Well, it is Friday my chores and laundry day so I spent the morning cleaning, vacuuming, sweeping and tidying up the little place I have to myself. What a joy! I thoroughly enjoy such days, I look forward to it every week! More and more so as the day approaches within the week. Laundry's also pretty fun, clearing the basket and having all clean clothes. I sure don't have enough space to air them though. Really needed to make use of every free space available each week. Guess I am really like Mummy in this way. Or even worse...more OCD than she is. Haha!

After all that and a good long shower, I had an apple and settled down to watch telly. Here's Lucy and Seinfield on GO! Channel. Really worth it to buy the AUD29.95 Dick Smith SD set top box just for that. During that, I also decided to make cold soba. Not cha soba this time. Shiyu gave me her buckwheat ones. Will cover that on one of my Kitchen Venture posts one of these days ok? I promised Steffi I will do it for her.

Lunch was a tuna sandwich and the rest of my Peanut Gobble cheesecake from the other day. Remind me to tell you jam from IKEA is the best. with anything, bread, cheesecakes, crackers... Anyway, I spent the rest of the day in front of the telly watching I DREAM OF JEANNIE starring Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman.

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I really liked the 1960s series when I first came across it on GO!, just like how I like Bewitched and Here's Lucy! Kmart had a good price at $13 per series the other week, so I went and bought all 5 seasons of it. I finished Season 1 already and am now on Season 2, almost done with the second disc for that. The story is about an astronaut (Hagman) who finds a 2000 year old genie in a bottle (Eden) when he crashed on one of his mission. In Sidney Sheldon's words, he chose the profession 'astronaut' for the characters was because of its "timeless appeal". Very true. So far, Jeannie (she sure looks very young for a 2000 year old) is getting a little bit annoying. For the most part, it is funny, I find myself really getting into the storyline and the troubles Tony finds himself in are hilarious. But Jeannie can get so dumb sometimes and she is so stubborn. Goodness. Her clear insane jealousy and throwing herself at Tony all the time gets tiresome. I really am not a fan of girls being so blatant and upfront, making the first moves I guess.

My favourite part so far...was actually watching the documentary with the actors and actresses and the producer who came up with the storyline. They are old now, but you can see the features when they were younger in the film! HAH.

My favourite character so far is Major Anthony Nelson (Larry Hagman), only because he sure is good looking. But the funny one is Major Roger Healey played by Bill Daily.

Till my next dream of Jeannie, Mayy xo

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  1. Thanks love! Cant wait for your cold soba recipe! (: