Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mayy's Craving for...KFC Nacho Cheese Tower

It has been weeks since KFC here in Perth introduced the Tower burgers. It is simply adding hash brown to their burgers. But there was a really special one: Nacho Cheese Tower.

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This particular burger is made up of a thick chicken fillet, hashbrown, a nacho, topped with a special sauce, and nacho cheese! The commercials sure make them look so good, especially that layer of nacho cheese. Oh boy. They don't have cheese fries on the menu like they do in Singapore. So this is probably the enxt best thing I can find with cheese on it.

Anyhow, I had put trying this off because of the price (since one can get a better, healthier meal elsewhere) and the sinfulness of this burger. Suffice to say the burger lingers and pops up every day in my mind where I will always find an excuse to go have it. But to no avail, until today. Results were out early and I decided to rush out after showering. I was also very very hungry since brekkie was only an apple. Hence, a quick drive-through to KFC to satisfy both hunger and craving. I ordered a regular meal with Soho (at least a less sugary drink).

As usual, they always look better on telly and probably taste better in your mind. So if you get cravings, just give in to them once. I hardly go back for seconds after that. The chicken fillet was quite tough and there sure was not enough cheese involved here. I could taste the saltiness of cheese though. So that's somewhat comforting? The hashbrown to any burger is a wonderful idea. Wonderful. Soft and crunchy. Should be how the chicken fillet should taste like too. Crunchy skin and soft meat. =(

I wouldn't be going back for this one, I think. I much rather pay half the price for a Hungry Jack's stunner deal and have a sundae too. BUT, I do like my chunky fries from KFC...erm, all chunky fries will do actually. So work hard for that burger. ;) I think that's why I gave in to the craving today too. I felt I had earned it.

Till my next craving satisfied, Mayy xo

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