Friday, December 24, 2010

Today, Mayy...

Today, Mayy's first day back in Singapore is pretty accomplished. She had her last jab for prevention against cervical cancer. Let's hope the 3 jabs she had to endure will be worth it!

Sorry I had been away for so very long. I had several crisis-es to deal with. I was also not feeling too well physically and mentally. But fortunately, they are all sorted (I hope for long term, for ever).

Lunch today was at my favourite porridge hawker. I've been going since I was little with Ah Gong especially. I remembered their original place, so old like in the shows. Then all the renovations and moving. Anyhow, it is still at Joo Chiat, a little corner not far from the temple. It is near the pretty well known Fei Fei wanton noodles. Ordered most of my favourite dishes. Very happy =) The omelette, the meatball tofu soup, the braised pork leg, steamed white pomfret... Update: Name: Xu Jun Sheng (Long Ji) Chao Zhou Mei Shi. Address - 59 Joo Chiat Place. Closed on Wedn.

I managed to clear and do my annual cleaning on my wardrobe and the many drawers in my room! Cleared out quite a bit of junk. Feel so much better after that. I am left with my display cabinets, bedside junk and study room junk. Almost there ;) You may think I am nuts spending my Christmas Eve doing that. But I love cleaning. I admit it's an obsession and to me, therapy. Besides, it was crowded everywhere here in Singapore. I am not a fan of crowds. It spins my head round and cause me to be dizzy and frustrated.

Had to go down to Dad's side (second aunt's house) for Xmas gathering. I had quite a bit for dinner. Sarpino's pizza (cold yucks), turkey, ham, mutton rendang, Old Chang Kee curry puff!, fried rice, fried mee, fried beehoon...a mini feast. But not too yummy. Dessert was healthy - fruits. We brought Cookie, our dog down too. She was all too happy to sniff around and wait for apples to be fed to her. Scored a really cute luggage tag (mini luggage), earrings, gloves, foldable bag hanger and silk scarf from Cambodia. The gloves and bag hanger were really Mum's gifts though. Who cares! She doesn't want them anyway.

I'm home now, bedtime soon. Looking forward to meeting up with old friends again! I feel sad because I am never around (so growing apart is inevitable I suppose), people are so busy, but I do my best to keep in touch. In any case, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you out there! Hope you all receive better gifts than I did =)

Till the straw berries, Mayy xo

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