Monday, May 30, 2011

Mayy's Closet #45

Yes, I am SO BORED. While I may finally be sleeping right again after weeks, I feel this sense of loss. Like what now?! Nothing to do, sighs. Alright, being with clothes and shoes make me happy. And a backlog awaits for this blog.

On a random Friday morning getting ready for uni, I chose the black cropped top with white lace panel sides, my Esprit brown pants and Shoestopper #33. It was comfortable and I still felt like a rockstar. No I didnt amp this look up and left the eyeliner untouched.

In the toilet after class.
I got the cropped top from Bangkok Chatuchak (I think). I really have no idea actually why I got it in the first place. Not that I don't like it but I think I can live without it. So I am looking to giving this away. To anyone who wants it. Friends, just email me or give me a shout out on fb or twitter. It is comfortable and I like that it is the right length to wear it just as a top and still look like you are not overdoing it.
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Alternatively, wear it with a highwaisted skirt or highwaisted shorts or pants. The lace side panels are a little see through but its not like you are walking around with your arms lifted right!? I mean, I dont but it doesnt mean you cannot.

So yeah, sometimes impulse buying really gets you. Especially when you are on holidays. It is like you get home and say, do I really need this?! Or when did I get this?! Goodness...if only we are think clearly when shopping. I am glad that Shiyu has been my shopping companion these past few days. She has stopped me from oversplurging. Not that I would have minded, but I needed someone to say LOOK, you already have something similar in your closet or just hang on and dont buy it on impulse. Sighs.

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

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