Sunday, May 22, 2011

M's Makeup Case

I haven't been sleeping well for the past four nights now and am constantly living with a throbbing migraine. Worse thing is I have to also finish all the assignments which contribute to the headache. Well then, here's to light at the end of the tunnel come lunchtime on Saturday, 28th May!

Because I look like death each morning these days, I can only imagine how others would feel staring at me. I don't want them to have seen a ghost so early in the morning so it is my duty to actually put in some effort eh?

I bought this on the recommendation from my favourite Sasa SA in Plaza Singapura. I really have not much use for it but it is there in my makeup box for emergencies such as this. It is called Secret Potion: Illuminating Skin Fluid from Red Earth. Works sort of like foundation I guess but it is very light and you only ever need a dab for the whole face. I am such a makeup noob and I can't tell you anything much else. LOL.

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Revlon blusher was bought earlier this year when I did my makeup under Revlon for the ball. The SA recommended a brown blusher for me but I really wanted something pink because I now the times when I actually use it will be emergencies again. This light pink is so light and almost neutral. However, that is what I want. Just slightly bring a touch of colour to an otherwise pale face.

Well, I am still hoping for good sleep one of these nights soon. I resent using makeup on a daily frequent basis, just not my belief. Hahaha and I can be lazy...

Till my next makeup case, Mayy xo

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