Sunday, May 22, 2011

M's Food Find #44

It is Sunday today, what are you up to? I hope alot more than I am.

Taking a wee break from the ice cave which is my room, I drove down in the warm sunshine to uni to see my supervisor. Yes, I have no life. For now. Anyway, I am on a break now so let's blog!

Bak Kwa in Perth is like a rare treasure, a rare ruby in a barren land. So when we heard from one of our supervisors that there is this shop selling it, we just had to go down for a looksee and buy us some barbecued pork slices.

The unassuming shop in Langford Village, Goodies Galore. It looks a bit dodgy with a big wall hiding the back kitchen and only a counter at the side. Lady boss was not in a good mood or is she just sour face all the time? Anyway, they only sell the bak kwa at a minimum weight of 500g, nad it costs AUD39/kg. Yes it is VERY expensive comparing to Bee Chang Hiang and all the other bak kwa shops in Singapore. BUT, they know it is a rare commodity and can afford to sell at such prices. Jeremy bought a kilogram worth. Steven and I shared 500g between us which is about 8 to 9 big square slices.

There are two flavours - original and chilli. I haven't got round to eating my chilli ones but the original ones were a little too tough for me. But it is still bak kwa, microwave it or put it in a toaster for a bit to soften it up. Yummy! Too bad they don't have the bacon strips kind like they do in Bee Cheng Hiang, those are my ultimate guitly pleasure!

So if you are homesick or craving for some home goodies, satisfy it by heading down there. It is bound to make you smile for abit and eat away happily. Drink lots of water though!

Now as I have blogged about it before in M's Food Find #27, we had lunch at Kanta which is jsut round the corner from the Bak Kwa place. Literally seconds away. So a quick photoblog on our lunch...

Sushi Don with fresh salmon sashimi and roe. It is such a healthy lunch so I can eat my bak kwa in less guilt. I am trying to justify to myself here alright? Cut me some slack. Hahaha. It is fresh and the salmon sashimi is pretty sweet. Still not the best I had, but it will have to do in Perth for now.

Steven's salmon in special sauce. A creamy sauce, quite like a pasta kind of sauce...

Photos credits:

Jeremy's sushi lunch. The way the chef made the unagi sushi was so cute! He used a box to really square it up. There you go, you can have lunch at one of the nicer Japanese place and then buy bak kwa for afternoon tea. HA HA HA. But if you are heading to Kanta for dinner, be sure to make a reservation. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Kanta Japanese Kitchen and Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

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