Monday, May 30, 2011

M's Food Find #46

I did mention I was going to blog about Saturday's dinner. So here we go. We finally went down to this Chinese restaurant in a nearby suburb that we have been hearing rave reviews for. It is just not too glamourous a place and we sometimes forgot about it. Nevertheless, we finally made our reservations and headed down. BIG BIG TIP HERE: ALWAYS MAKE A RESERVATION BEFOREHAND, AND MAKE IT A WEEK BEFORE! Especially if you want to do weekends. I cannot stress this enough and it is worth it.

Eureka Chinese Restaurant
14 Eureka Rd, Wilson 6107
(08) 9258 8860

We ordered the dried chilli king prawns which was really quite spicy. And I love my spicy food. However, we all around the table agreed that it ends on a really spicy note. But the fried spring onions (brown stuff) is really yummy! I would love to take that all home and just eat it with rice.

Sizzling japanese tofu on hot plate with salted fish and chicken mince. Complete with egg omelette at the bottom. Closest version I can find so far, compared to Singapore.

Stir-fried string beans with seafood. I like the beans, very sweet and crunchy. The fish and squid are all hits at the table too.

But the star of the night was...

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ROASTED DUCK! Not crummy at all. Juicy, fatty and YUMMY. I don't know how big a size Anna and Li Jia ordered since Shiyu, Nurun and I were late. But well, the photo shows you that it was HUGE. The skin was pretty crisp and the meat tender. I cannot rave about it enough. But it has a lot of fats under the skin and if you are weary of it, I reckon live a little and work out more. Food are meant to be enjoyed!!!

So yes, with rice and tea, it all amounted to over AUD100 for five of us. Abit too pricey but once in awhile, you need some good home style food from somewhere nearby (if you live near uni) and this place is it. A very small restaurant with pretty attentive service and good food with good company.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Eureka Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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