Saturday, September 10, 2011

M's Food Find #69

Hello there, its been eons this blog has seen any activity. Just been so busy with my work that I dont get much sleep either. And there are nights I literally am awake doing work till evening the next day. Then I sleep well for about 12 hours. Hahaha.

Hope everyone has been well and eating lots of yummy food! Here's one food post just in time for dinner on Saturday. I hope you are having a better one than I am...

For the first time this year, I finally tried the famous Little Caesar's pizzeria with the girls. Unfortunately I didn't drive down to their original one at Mundaring, settled for the more accessible Leederville outlet. Then went back on a separate occasion with Jeanette, Sam, Jeremy and Steven about two weeks later...

Always packed! Never empty and always having to wait for tables. Be sure to go early at like 5pm or to wait for your turn. Dont go when you are absolutely keeling over with hunger though.

So many choices...

The kitchen and cashier.

The accolades and awards! No joke! But are the pizzas when I went there deserving? We shall see...

This is the garlic/periperi prawns flavour. Prawns were juicy and pretty fresh. I really like the crust and base. Good amount of cheese, slightly salty...

Seafood marinara? Or is this the split pizza with smoked salmon? Yes you can have two flavours on one pizza!

Chicken parmesan pizza. This one I love!

Mudhoney! TOO SWEET!!!! Sugar rush but I like it nevertheless! Chocolate base was so good and I love honey.

Oysters kilpartick was too fishy for me but hey, if you love oysters, awesome choice for you on pizza!

Another awesome prawn proscuitto combination!

Moroccan lamb was not too bad. Full of flavour definitely but lamb slightly tough. Definitely one for the lamb lovers!

Smoked salmon again. I really like it but I just find that it is nothing special given all the other awesome combinations to choose from.

And there were only five of us?! Unbelievable. We actually nearly finished it all! Left with a couple of slices.

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And yeah! Ice cream on dessert pizza!!!Not as sweet as mudhoney and just right. I really prefer this one to the other. And its called Eskimo Joe.

As this is quite sometime back and I have super lousy memory this period of time given the amount of braincells occupied (I mean, I walk into walls!), the overall experience was worth it and if you are craving pizza, it really is the place to go in my opinion. I like the thin crust and base. I have yet to try the french tea party dessert pizza and definitely will be going back when I am not so sick of pizza. I have had quite a few as you can tell ;)

Great place to hang out with friends and have a complete meal, savoury and sweet! Prepare for some noisy chatter though! If you prefer a quiet atmosphere, do takeaways!!! Call in and make your order and pick up! Even better!

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Little Caesars Leederville on Urbanspoon

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