Tuesday, September 27, 2011

M's Food Find #71

YOU KNOW WHAT?! I could use a break and since I havent had any proper lunch nor brekkie today, let's celebrate... I meant that sarcastically of course.

Here's a little ramen shop in the heart of a Perth suburb called Kai.

Very little shop that only really sits about 20 and has about 6 tables.

Trading hours and phone number for you!

Located in Parry Avenue shops with a big cheesecake shop nearby.

Some photos of the menu so you know the variety they have. Pretty amazing and unique here.

Sashimi... yums!

bento sets, sushi, side dishes but when I headed there for the first time, I noticed the star of the restaurant is really their ramen.

Personally, I would go back to this place just for their green tea. Served in the cutest little pot but packs a real strong punch of flavour. I love it. The burnt rice is strong and you can just feel antioxidants and the healthiness of this tea in you.

That's their large sashimi order. Like I mentioned, I have yet to find the kind of sashimi I am accustomed to but I know I have been spoilt. So the grade of sashimi here in Kai is pretty decent for Perth and I can taste the hint of sweetness and freshness.

Ordered the tonkatsu ramen broth. Look at that absolutely stunning egg and molten yolk. well done Kai! The broth is very strong and flavorful and the noodles springy. So far the best Ive had in Perth for sure. But I have such high standards for Japanese cuisine that I really cannot bring myself to rave about everything so far (except the green tea, that I LOVE).

They have three different kinds of broth and several different accompaniments to the ramen. We have miso, soy and tonkatsu which I have tried. Sam who is a huge fan of this place loves their tonkatsu broth. My friend Shiyu tried the chicken karaage one (I didn't ask which broth she got because she went on a different occasion).

So far, so good. Worth a drive down!

And for me, another star of this little restaurant is their Special Bento Set Box. $21.50 for all that goodness.Trust me, its so worth it. There's assorted sashimi where the best one and the one that genuinely surprised me in a good way is the squid iku sashimi. So sweet and tender! WOW.

The grilled mackerel tasted amazing, just like the ones I had in my favourite restaurants in Singapore. So good, a little piece of home for me.

You see tempura, a good generous portion. Nothing to rave about here but its good. nothing bad.

Then that bottom right corner next to the mackerel, you get agedashi tofu and karagge chicken. I did tell you this is SO WORTH THE PRICE. And its all good. The tofu is so yummy! Karagge chicken is alittle too dark for my liking but the chicken is very tender inside. Topped with the yummy thinly sliced fish skin. So pretty.

The fan-shaped rice is really to finish and accompany the dishes. Not the other way round where you usually have dishes to accompany the rice. I like this way better. I didnt manage to finish the rice but polished off everything else.

Yes, I mentioned I was a pig...

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

And I leave you with their details once again... GO. NOW. Lunch, dinner whenever.

Till my next food find, Mayy x Kai Japanese on Urbanspoon

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