Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mayy LOVES Mooncakes!

Last post for now...I think. Well, it is definitely one of my favourite seasons/festivals in a year. And one that I have been devastated to be away from for the past three years.

However, I still somehow to manage score my favourite traditional ones from Da Zhong Guo in Singapore (Ubi) for the past couple of years except this year because my family visits during the period when they are available for sale. I just cant have them with salted egg yolk... sad.

Anyway, while I had my traditional ones, I missed out on my snowskin mooncakes. It is heartbreaking that I have to be away from Singapore during this season because every year you get new flavours from everywhere, discover new levels of food pleasures from different makers.

This year however, I decided to find me some in boring ol' Perth because I accidentally came across Dragon Palace selling some last year but I didn't get any. Definitely have to make up for lost time!!!

If you are missing snowskin and like me want to get your hands on some this year, fret not. I have tried quite a few and am quite pleased to share my photos and experience with you. And you know what, I truly love mooncakes, so much more than cupcakes. There, I said it.

This is from Wing Wah in Hong Kong. Selling at Dragon Palace restaurant, Emma's in Northbridge and VHT Perth. Price check: Cheapest at Dragon Palace! I got mine for about $40 at Emma's =(

I got the large size and it comes with 8 mini mooncakes (4 flavours) and one big one. The small box comes with 6 mini mooncakes (3 flavours).

Black sesame is always my favourite and it is quite fragrant and yummy! Good version.

Strawberry flavour...

What it means is strawberry jam middle with mung bean paste. Very gooey and sweet. Love this combination! The snow skin is also very smooth and tender. Well done.

I missed out on a photo of blueberry cheesecake flavour!!! ARGH BUT IT WAS SO GOOD!!! You can taste the slight hint of cheese and blueberry middle goes so well.... Drools just thinking of it!

The big mooncake in the middle is the mango flavoured one.

It definitely did not disappoint! Smells yummy, tastes like mango and near heavenly! no wonder it is in the big size!

Yes, you read that right. I hear you, chocolate pearls! This is actually in the small box but I swapped the mocha flavoured for this. Shhhhhhhhh....

However, this flavour disappoints. While it sounded good, the chocolate pearls were tiny and didnt have much flavour overpowered by pandan which was quite faint as well... Makes me wonder how mocha tasted like?

Overall, Wing Wah did well in the snowskin department so far! Next up, I tried Taipan from Hong Kong again and I got it from Emma's. When I went, only came in small boxes of 2 in one flavour. $8.80 for a pair. Apparently the big souvenir box came later that weekend...

Sam missed his green tea mooncake so I got a pair for him. And I had to get myself some too.

Didnt have much of a strong green tea taste and quite disappointing. The snow skin is also not as good as Wing Wah's.

Loosely translated as soft heart aka soft-hearted, one wonders why the chef named it that. Well...

Its because its a soft chocolate lava centre!!! Truly melty chocolate lovin'. While the chocolate bean paste is not my favourite kind of chocolate flavour, the middle is really very good. And Shiyu who tried it loved it so much she went and got herself some too.

Another love of mine, durians. When I saw that I knew I had to get it. But did it disappoint like the other two Taipan snowskin mooncakes?

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it did NOT disappoint. YESSSSSSSSSSSS it is super good and awesome. The middle is real durian and the flavour is super overpowering. Just right and burps out like if you actually ate durian. Oh boy. BIG POINTS FOR THIS and I may just get some for myself again when I head down to Northbridge tomorrow.

This mooncake lovin' really doesnt come cheap though. Who cares. However in my mother's words: "I can't believe you are spending so much on mooncakes over there when we have so many at home and no one really eats them." Sighs, did I mention I was the mooncake monster back home?


  1. I was and still am the mooncake monster back home so that makes 2 of us lol :) Like your mum, mine had to chuck away expired mooncakes back home coz no one eats them in time before they expire :(

  2. Hi there,
    Can I know where the places to buy mooncakes in Perth?

    1. Hello :) dragon palace in northbridge sells them, most asian grocery stores do as well. For example kongs in vic park do. Hope these help!