Monday, September 12, 2011

M's Food Find #70

Well well well, it is the one week study break and uni seemed a little quiet. I even had a blissful morning packing my clothes and just spending time with my closet. Don't think Im loopy, I truly love clothes. And two packages arrived today for me. Whoots.

Anyway, have you had your mooncake? I did. Now, in a chinese mood so far? I am. So here's a food find for Chinese food in Perth! The newly opened Old Cathay down in East Victoria Park, all the way at the end and tucked away at a really new building just by the causeway. Just make sure you dont make a wrong turn into the causeway, just keep sticking to your left.

Hopefully this map on their takeaway menu will help. Apparently their peking duck is AWESOME.

Love the old school menu. Love the look.

Quite a big place really and my favourite seat in the house will be this little corner of the long sofa. So sweet!

The back area sits more...

Thats the front area where we were.

really liking the decor. nothing quite like it in Perth so far... Anyway, I visited this place on the very first night I was going to stay over in uni. Whoa. Had to get some good food in me! Opens at 6pm and we were too early. Had to wait around..

But the wait was worth's our menu for the night.

Salted egg yolk chicken. It was really yummy when it came hot. Crispy and the coating was yummy! Amazing.

Braised pork belly is one of my weaknesses. I just love it. And this version, yums. Second to dragon palace only! But this one had better aroma and herbs.

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If you are thinking thats it?! Well there were only two of us so its more of SO MUCH?! We very nearly finish it all. Well, at least Sam could eat hahah. The last dish here is one of their specialites, beancurd and chicken and assorted vegetables. The tofu really is silky smooth and hint of egg. The mushrooms and sauce went really well together. There's flavour y'all! Snap peas were sweet and juicy. LOVES.

Just writing this post makes me want to head back. I will definitely want to go back. YUMS. Prices were on the higher side as it really is a classy place and a really nice place for a special date too. So well worth it.

Till my next food find, Mayy x

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