Monday, August 1, 2011

Shoestopper #43

A pair of comfortable pair of shoes to drive away Monday blues. These days, I have to wake up especially early in this wintery cold weather for a class at 8am. It is getting a wee bit difficult, truth be told. And I don't normally function that badly except now I battle insomnia. Sighs.

Enough about my sleeping, or lack thereof, issues. Shoes lift my mood up and just explaining some accounting issues using shoes and brands as illustrations help me feel better too! While I am tottering my Monday away on a pair of heels, I wished I had this pair with me right now...

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This cute preppy green/gold/white checkered pattern ballet style flats really takes the cake for a clean-cut look. I didn't wear it often till this year and had to unfortunately retired it a couple of months ago... If I ever do see it again, I would get it one more time!

The material used here is a thick cloth with the insoles made of the same material. While it may seem coarse to the finger touch but they are actually quite comfortable. The only bad point is that you gotta somehow wear socks with these, as the material isn't too good for sweaty feet! Eeuch, smell.

I was also quite afraid of getting it dirty since it is white but it remained white as no matter how many times I wore it! Amazing.

So how do you like this pattern? Too difficult to match or too cute for words?

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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