Monday, August 15, 2011

M's Food Find #67

I don't know if the Rockpool post has already wished you had a better dinner in front of you tonight but this one will make you wish you had an even better one or perhaps inspire your lunch tomorrow!

Dad wanted seafood while he was here, and since his clients brought him out to Freo, it made no sense to travel there again. So I took them to Kaili's Bro's in Leederville for lunch. We didn't make any reservations but managed to score something since we were kinda early. I can't believe it really was all packed and full when proper lunch hours kicked in and people started arriving. The chitter chatter and buzz really made the place really lively and homely feeling since we had quite a few large families arriving in spite of the corporate set.

They had a live seafood market just next to the restaurant and while you could select the seafood and have them cook for you, the prices are really not worth that extra effort I reckon because the chefs already did quite well in their selections.

One of our entrees was the garlic prawns. AMAZING and with the slightest hint of butter. Very yummy too. Prawns are a tad overcooked but at least they were fresh so it didn't kill the taste too much. The bread that came with was really good in comparison to that of Rockpool and Modo Mio.

Dad just had to have his chilli mussels. These are pretty hot which is good.

Shared this with Mum, the salmon dish. Very generous portion with a good price to it.

Yummy and quite succulent. Well done.

Sis had to have her fish and chips but of course, a better grade compared to Freo's. Light crispy fresh batter is the key I reckon. yumyum, could have had more me and her! haha

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We also ordered the breaded scallops. Ohhhhh, these were so good! One each wasn't enough! The scallops were so fresh and juicy. The hint of butter and garlic and the breaded top bits go so perfectly with the sweetness of the scallops. Top job!

We sat next to the table which ordered the crab linguine which smelled divine! Would have to go back and try that one next. We didn't have any desserts since we were in Leedy and we had San Churros to go to or Green's if you want!

Till my next food find, Mayy xo
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