Monday, August 1, 2011

M's Food Find #64

Have you ever thought hard about where to go after dinner nearby? A nice cafe for coffee and cake to continue interesting conversations and you just dont want the night to end yet? I mean, why ruin a good time when the dinner place you were at had to rush you out. I faced this dilemma a couple of weeks ago and had no choice but to settle for bubble tea when I was at Victoria Park.

While walking down to Utopia Bubble Tea, I spied this little place where I was always curious about. Feeling adventurous (HA HA), I wandered in and I knew I just found one of my favourite places around.

Love the mood lighting and friendly yet quiet chatter going round. The lovely aroma of coffee wafts through.

A clearer display awaits at the end of the post...

Out of everything, I ordered the sticky date toffee pudding in the cup. Warmed up and soft.

Looks amazing and as much as I wanted everything else, I knew I had to order this one! I JUST LOVE STICKY DATE PUDDINGS! It came with ice-cream which I declined. I found this properly sweet and very moist. YUMS. The best I've found in Perth so far.

Cute bamboo wall at the far end.

2 cappucinos and it was lovely. Amazing good coffee, fragrant and felt like a dance.

Really small place, I was sitting sort of in the middle so there's abit more at the back. Front window had high chairs and table. Very cosy and they also serve some hot food and tapas.

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A closer view of the yummy cake display! You can be sure I will be back for more and I definitely now know where to go to for a spot of coffee and cake with a friend or after dinner chillout nearby... Meanwhile, I shan't be rude. Here's the address ;)

The Imp

863 Albany Hwy

East Victoria Park

(08) 9361 2600

Till my next food find, Mayy xo The Imp on Urbanspoon

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