Wednesday, August 17, 2011

M's Food Find #68

The same restaurant featured in Food Find #55, this is part deux because (A)LURE had two parts to their dinner seatings. Before 8pm, they had their 3 course sunset menu available where ala-carte was only available from 8pm onwards.

This time, I got to attend the sunset seating with my family on the first night as it was the closest thing we could have and make our Harry Potter movie in time.

Having these choices, it was not difficult to know what I want and turned out that my combination was not bad choices at all. Here we go!

I got the Chicken Caesar Salad as my entree. I love the cut-up lettuce leaves and generous caesar dressing. Chicken pieces were quite big and tender as well. While it is alittle on the salty side, I totally would not mind having it again and again. There is just something addictive here.

Sis and Mum got the oysters kilpatrick with bacon. Quite like char siew, and the combination was really good. Reminded me of the first oyster I ever had and liked when I was like 5. This entree would be the best value here.

Dad had the fresh ones, similar good value here.

The setting for Mum's Japanese tasting plate for main. Love the chopsticks!

Anyway, my main course was the barramundi which was cooked very very well. Near perfection, melt in your mouth goodness. The fish was fresh and really went well with the mashed potatoes. The cherry truss tomato was fresh and I love the pop in my mouth. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS, even over the beef.

Both Dad and sis got the beef. Nothing to crow about and very chewy. Sis took a million years to eat hers and she wasn't a fan of it.

Mum's Japanese tasting plate for main. She was not impressed and neither was I. I think it is the cheapest one here, so not great for value and if you want Japanese food, go to a Japanese restaurant instead. Dad ordered this for her so she had no choice. She really wanted the barramundi...

Now, time for desserts. Remember my love affair with (A)lure's bakewell tart. So no prizes for guessing my instant dessert choice the minute I saw it was an option here...

With my favourite vanilla bean ice cream, nothing beats this! I SUPER LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! The tart is really warm and the cake texture is just wonderful. Perfect. Toasted almonds really add a different taste level here, bringing out the buttery flavours.

Sis had the Toblerone ice cream dessert encased in chocolate.

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It came with a melted caramel centre, really quite special and yummy too. A rather good choice.

All in all, it is very well priced for a wonderful three course meal and amazing service as usual. In Burswood, (A)lure is so far the only restaurant I would recommend going over and over.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo
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