Wednesday, August 10, 2011

M's Food Find #65

FOOD FOOD FOOD. I can't live without it yet I wish I could. But thankfully I can't so I can enjoy all these yummy ones. The recent family visit here in Perth was quite the culinary feast especially with all the new restaurants opening up. Can't wait for Nobu opening in September! All the new interests and openings just make me love Burswood more than I already do.

This food find is on one of the newest restaurants in Perth Burswood Entertainment Complex. Modo Mio serves up Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner. My family and I visited for lunch on their last day here and photos will take you through our journey.

It replaces the old Victoria Station restaurant.

Waiting area just behind those doors. Yes, they have queues so make your booking to avoid disappointments!

Or sit at the bar with a drink before dinner...

Chef's kitchen, well you can watch them make pizza and such! Love this particular open concept even if it is a little far from some tables. Wish it could be a little more interactive so to speak. But more on pizza...

Sorry, it is a little blurry. But that's the whole seating area. Pretty big and spacious with the bright/light colours and lighting. Very different from the Victoria Station dim mood.

Our table. Sure it is alittle casual compared to the rest in Burswood but it does give patrons more options and choices. I like the idea that it is not as stuffy and stiff.

Spot the woodfire pizza stove from afar!

A cute mini lamp that was on the tables. SO COOL, it runs on rechargeable stations. Dad was super fascinated with it, truth be told, I was too. I wanted one so bad! Sadly, they don't sell it in Perth. Sis actually took a series of photos of Dad and I playing with it and just fiddling with it. HA HA HA.

Lunch menu, still quite a few choices there and good ones too.

Nice clean setting. I don't know why I am always so fascinated with settings and the cutlery. Guess it shows alot about the effort and details the management takes into consideration.

Yummy bread, albeit a little too tough on the crust. I love how the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and rocksalt is presented. Tear-drop shaped. So pretty. Dad and I also played with this one, tilting it enough so the olive oil flows or vice versa into each part without overflowing out of the saucers.

Dad ordered this for entree, the cold cuts. We ordered one of the 3course set and 2 of the 2course sets.

The fettucine dish with such a wonderous tang of tomato. Vegetarian dish but so satisfying. This had the whole family digging into it. Even Mum who shunned tomato paste stuff. Very light and refreshing for a pasta dish. Good choice!

Prosciutto risotto. Obviously, my order. Love the clean presentation but unfortunately, the taste...too salty for my liking. The risotto is actually cooked through perfectly, with bite and softness. Just that the ingredients and flavours don't seem to dance on my tastebuds.

PIZZA! Alittle unexciting looking, and it really do taste like it looks. The prosciutto and rocketleaf pizza is a very unforgiving pizza in my opinion. It is so simple and really differentiates the good and bad pizza bases etc. Here, the pizza base and crust were too tough and very bland. The tomato/cheese base a little too bland... Let's not go on here.

After main courses, desserts are a MUST. In italian restaurants, tiramisu is my favourite go to dessert but I am also usually attracted to unique ones too. Nevertheless, let's talk about this tiramisu. Not the best Ive had but it will do and finishes the courses quite well. Nothing to shout about, nothing to crave about. Just...nice.

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The poached pear with vanilla bean panna cotta. Very sour pear from the poached juice. And the panna cotta probably had too much gelatin in it... For those who don't have too sweet tooth, and still would like a dessert. Cleanses the palate well. But I would go for the tiramisu here if given the choice.

Overall, the service was alright, better than average but not good enough to praise heaps on. The food and prices and ambience matched well in my opinion. No big discrepancies and grievances here. Worth a visit but whether it warrants a second one is up to you. Unfortunately, not for me.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo
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